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What happens at Affogato…

Stays at Affogato.  Simply because today wasn’t very inspiring.

But, I did make peach pie.  And it sold like crazy.  And you should stop in next week if you’re in the Pittsburgh area to say hello.  And buy pie.

On that note: here’s a tasty morsel I made my stepdad for Father’s Day.  Lemon meringue pie.  Recipe from Taste of Home (because I’m 89 years old like that.)


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Things I learned today…

~My post about Sunday’s adventures was unnecessarily lengthy.

~My father does a better impression of Julia Child than I do…Not sure what that one says about me and my family, though.

~We’re now selling homemade (by me!) pies at Affogato every Wednesday this summer.  Yes, that was a shameless plug.

~Essie’s Expose Your Toes nail polish is beautiful (see below, it’s a gorgeous, opaque, soft pink.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  My camera just would not focus for me.) but does not stand up to the rigors of a coffee shop.

~I was always scared to make fajitas at home…not anymore my friends.

~The new OPI turquoise shatter looks green when applied over orange nail polish, like Essie’s Braziliant.  Two colors in one bottle sounds like a win to me.

~I talk about nail polish way too much.

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So there’s this guy that I work with…

He’s been my dating guru, if you will.  Some of his more inspiring gems are as follows:

~Go for the freaks and the geeks but not the Greeks.

~Axe body spray smells like douche bag.  (AKA: Stay away from guys wearing Axe, which, I mean, ya don’t gotta tell me.  Hellooo flashbacks to middle school dances.)

~(And when I tell him of a crash-and-burn…) How old is he? 21? Well there you go, that’s your problem.

Clearly, this is a work in progress.  Will add to it as more blog-worthy sayings are said.

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And then we made fun of Ina Garten

Let’s skip the “I did nothing, I have no life” pointlessness of recounting Friday and Saturday nights, aside from admiring the snazzy jewelry I made.  With my mom.  On Saturday night.  Yeah, moving on…. Sunday was a different story.  Disclaimer: The following highlights are all true.  You can’t make this junk up.

~Went to Sam’s Club with my dad and his girlfriend and got this amazing Anne Klein watch.  For $30.  Swear to God.  Go ahead and be jealous for a few seconds.  I’ll wait.  Mmmkay, chugging right along….

~Got roped into going to OfficeMax and Gabes, which, for those of you not from Pittsburgh, it’s like the Wal-Mart version of TJ Maxx or Marshalls.  Get a good picture of just who might shop there.  Got it?  Good.  So, I figured it would be in-out.  Silly me.  I forgot who I was shopping with.  OfficeMax wasn’t too exciting, except that my dad’s girlfriend was trying to hook me up with the sales guy.  Surprisingly, she has pretty good taste.

~The real fun came at Gabes.  We went in to find a Charlie Sheen shirt.  As in, a shirt made by Charlie himself.  Yes, he’s now pimping  for Gabes.  After a lot of searching, we found it, as pictured here.  I was so excited I tweeted a picture of it the second we found them.  And you can get your very own for only $13.  Deal of the century.  Unless you’re like me, in which case you’d say that’s $13 too much. (Wolfgang Puck also hawks his wares at Gabes.  4 plates for $10.)

There’s a story with the Charlie shirts.  There was a big display of them at Gabes last week (this week they were down to about 4 shirts.  Who knew they were such a hot commodity?)  My father spotted them.  He yells out (across the section, naturally) that there are Charlie Sheen shirts.  Guy standing next to my dad’s girlfriend looks at her weird.  Dad’s girlfriend yells back, “What, are they crazy?”  Guy standing next to her quickly puts the jacket he was trying on back on the hanger and backs away.

~We ventured into the shoe section because my dad asked if I was looking for 4-inch orange pumps.  I wasn’t particularly.  I did find red, pleather, plastic-platformed hooker sandals, though.  We came to the conclusion that the shoe section must be ventured into very cautiously as there are many surprises lurking about.  Don’t wander too far in; it’s like the projects.  Really.  Just stay on the outskirts and mind your own business and get your junk as quickly as possible without drawing unneeded attention to yourself.  It’s a scary place, that shoe section.

~Dad’s girlfriend makes centerpieces around the holidays.  Found a deer-esque metal basket-y thing for her to use.  Then we realized it looked more like a chicken.  With a stumpy tail.  I wish I had a picture, but I don’t.  It’s too embarrassing.  We carried it around with us anyway.  The couple in front of us in line stared at our deer-chicken with a mix of horror and confusion.  We, of course, were being obnoxious and cracking jokes about how utterly ridonculous it is the whole time.  The girlfriend in that pair looked like she wanted to jump in on the fun (I mean, who wouldn’t?!) but the guy gave her a look that blatantly said, “Honey, do not talk to the crazies.  You will be tainted.  I will drive away without you and not feel bad about it.”

Then we came home and my dad’s girlfriend and I made fun of Ina Garten (all of her recipes come from a charming bistro in Paris and she just begged the chef to give her the recipe) on the Food Network.

All in all, the afternoon was one big “I guess you had to be there” moment.  Next time I need to record it and put it on YouTube because the interactions just cannot be duplicated in text.  Now I’m going to go pretend I have a life and try not to hang out with my parents so much.

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My Name is Angelica…and I’m a Nail Polish-aholic

So, in the off chance that any guys are reading this (ooh, look, Ange made a joke…) I apologize for one night.  Because I’m going to talk about nail polish now.  Ready, go.

I was on the hunt for a bottle of OPI’s black shatter polish the second I heard about it.  Yes, I toyed with paying $20 for a bottle of the stuff.  Then, thanks to the amazing eyesight of a girl at work, I procured my first bottle..for $10.  A vast improvement over the arm-and-a-leg that some people online wanted for it.  Then the silver shatter came out.  I got a call from said work-chick while I was at school.  Studying for finals, might I add.  Like a true -aholic, this obsession was more important than the 30+ page paper that I was working on.  Long story short, I paid another $10 for the silver.

But I digress.  Today, I went black (shatter, that is).  Here is the combo I came up with.


















Essie’s Steel-ing the Scene on every nail but the ring fingers; those are Essie’s Baby Cakes (which didn’t turn out so different with the shatter coat on top).  Topped with a coat of shatter and then clear top coat (not pictured).  Pardon the sloppy application.  The shatter doesn’t really merit being super-neat with the bottom color coat.  Or the shatter coat for that matter…  Now, I love the shatter, but it does get a little…craptastically chunky after a while.  (That’s slightly evident in the pictures.)  And the silver looks like a glitter factory threw up on your nails.  So sexy.  But I do like it.  And it’s good as an accent nail.  Look for the silver edition next week.

I’m waiting for a coupon from Ulta to get the color shatters.  I love it, but $10 is a liiiiitle much to pay for the colors.  Sorry, OPI.

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Awesomely Awkward Thursday

Things that were Awkward today:

  • People in the lane next to me were treated to my rendition of Adele’s “Rumour Has It” while sitting in traffic.  More awkward for them than for me, actually.
  • My friend felt it was okay to pick his nose in my car.
  • (From a few days ago, during the painting fiasco which you might remember from this post…) I was getting my Britney on and managed to paint a straight line while standing on a ladder….in front of a window.
  • The more I type the word “awkward,” the more awkward it looks.  Once more with feeling, now: awkward.  See, it’s weird, right?

Things that were Awesome today:

  • I kept on singing when I realized that people were staring in horror in the car next to me.  Take that, American Idol.
  • My friend had the courtesy to flick whatever issued from his nose out of the window instead of wiping it on the seat.  See, I knew I had amazing friends!
  • I’m still the mayor of Affogato on foursquare.  Yes, this is a valid accomplishment for the day.
  • I opened up a fresh toothbrush tonight.  Go me and my cavity-fighting excitement.
  • (From Tuesday…) I got a thumbs up for my toe nail polish from a regular at Affogato.  It’s Essie’s Meet Me At Sunset.  Usually, I opt for red.  This is more of an orange.  Here I was worried about looking too Jack ‘O Lantern-y with orange nails and black sandals.

Seems that the awkward and the awesome things really are the same thing.  I don’t know if I like what that says about my life…..

(Thanks to Syd over at The Daybook for giving me this idea.)