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Why I love the 4th of July (a day late)

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~This chair.  You might remember reading about my home improvement misadventures.  Well, the room isn’t done.  But this slice of heaven is in.  I spent all day reading yesterday (mostly on the back porch) but a little in this chair (see oh-so-appealing butt mark in the cushion).  I told my dad that I would need a chair when I move out and I was taking this chair with me.  He very quickly and definitively said, “NO,” and I swear under his breath he said, “Don’t even think about it.”  But it’s so comfyyy….!

~The guys I saw at Wal-Mart.  After breakfast with my aunts yesterday, my father and I decided to stop at Wal-Mart to look for blinds for our new room.  Didn’t find them, of course.  Did find two (very gay) guys asking about clear plastic 12 oz  (they had to be 12 oz) cups.  They explained to the saleslady that they were having a smoothie party.  Yeah…let that sink in for a minute… Took everything I had in me not to bust out laughing right there.  Walked out and my father said, “I’m glad they didn’t ask for my opinion.”  My opinion is that something is very fruity and I don’t mean the smoothies.

~Fireworks.  There’s nothing better.  Although I’ve come to the conclusion that being alone and watching fireworks by yourself on the 4th of July is more sad than being alone and watching sappy movies on Valentine’s Day by yourself. 

~The “Golden Girls” marathon on Hallmark.  That I watched with my father.  I think I’ve truly out-lamed myself this time.


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