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Death of a cupcake

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Dozen Bake Shop closed today.  Tres sad, let me tell you.  So, like a good Pittsburgh sugar addict, I dragged (or maybe he came along willingly, although, it was 9am and he had a hangover, so I’m not sure which one it is) a friend of mine to get our last cupcake fix.  Usually we make a pilgrimage to the one in Oakland every few months when I’m home from school and we were going to go there this week anyway, but they were having A/C problems, so we never made it.  Guess they had bigger fish to fry (bake?) anyway.

So we got there are 9:15-ish and there was a huge line already (did I mention it opened at 9am? Did I also mention that us Pittsburghers apparently have nothing better to do on a Saturday morning?)  Most of the line was comprised of hipsters.  When we left, there was an even longer line, and even more hipsters.  I love the Lawrenceville area, but come on!  There was a guy that looked like he commandeered his pants from Jack Sparrow.  There was another guy whose hair..I can’t even talk about it.  It looked like he had severe bedhead but then he turned around and it was clear that he spent hours trying to get it to look that way.  Oh–and a Pittsburgh radio personality was in line in front of us, which was kinda cool.  And we tweeted obnoxiously about it.

All in all, I spent $11, got quite a pastry haul, and my friend and I snagged the last cupcakes at Dozen.  And we didn’t feel bad.  I know, because we tweeted about it the second it happened.  We did quite a lot of cupcake-related tweeting actually, which goes to show even more just how lame we are, I mean, how devoted to cupcakes we are.  (That didn’t make it any less lame, did it?  No.  I thought so.)

Dozen (washed out) Bake Shop

Pastry Haul/Food Porn

(top, lr) Homemade cherry poptart, chocolate peanut butter thingy, red velvet cupcake, (bottom, lr) brownie, choc. chip cookies

If I had a real camera, this would be much art-y-er

Aaaand more

Okay, okay.  I’m done.  I’m going to go for a long run….and then get very fat (actually, I’m going to try to stretch this out as long as possible.  I’m definitely eating the cupcake last).


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