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When you get a chance….

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…delete this phrase from your vocabulary.

It’s possibly my second biggest pet peeve (after the espresso/expresso thing) about working at Affogato.  When someone says that to me, I feel like they’re trying to be low maintenance and “it’s cool, do your thing, you’ll get to me when you get to me,” but it in fact says the opposite.  Said in the right tone, it smacks of passive-aggressiveness.  It says, “Oh no, clearly your life is more important than serving me..don’t let me interrupt..I’m fine.”  It also intensifies the feeling of urgency.  I feel like I need to hop to and put aside whatever it is that I’m doing, which usually is corralling rogue coffee beans; this results in me either not hearing them or being surprised and hitting my head on the underside of the counter.

Allow me to play devil’s advocate for a second..  What if I don’t like you?  What if I don’t feel like serving you or don’t want to put my book down?  This “when you get a chance” moment may be hours from now.

So, to expedite the refill process and not piss off your server, conder simply saying, “May I have a refill,” or, as a favorite regular of mine says, “Can I get a heater?”  That’s all I ask.


Author: Angelica Ross

Coffee addict, Post-It aficionado, Sharpie fanatic. I live and work in Pittsburgh, pin lots of recipes I'll never make, and I love the Oxford comma. Sometimes I write about advertising, other times I write about general life happenings; no matter what, I always try to entertain.

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