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And now for something a little different


Something a little different and sentimental, if you will.  This is the post that I should be writing while I’m drunk and going through a mid-college (well, it’s a little late for that now) crisis.  Instead, y’all get this…

I had a goal of reading 20 books this summer.  I read 19.  I’m debating reading something short just to say that I read 20 books.  That’s legit, right?

I had a goal of saving no less than $2,000 this summer.  We’re not even going to comment on this one.

I had a goal of cleaning–really cleaning–my rooms in preparation for moving out.  Well, I was a little consumed by trying to save $2,000 that the cleaning went by the wayside.  Although, I did vacuum my room after I loaded all of the boxes that were in there into the car.  That counts, yeah?  Unrelated–I had a carpet under all of those boxes.  Who knew?!

Take a roadtrip.  Well, I did go to Arts Fest at PSU.  We all saw the tragic end to THAT story.

Dance in the rain.  Yes, it’s a little…frivolous.  And silly.  I get that.  But it does remind you that you’re still young at heart, even if you are trying to save a ridiculous amount of money while only working minimum wage.  Six and seven days a week.  Yeah, this goal didn’t get checked off the list either.

Go for a run in the rain.  Well, I did train for an upcoming half marathon a lot.  And I’m sure it sprinkled at times.  Or maybe that was just sweat because it was so damn humid this summer.  Half-check this one off the list?

Run all the way around the lake at North Park.  I can say that I did this.  I didn’t run the entire time, but I did run around the lake, multiple times.  I’m checking this one off and feeling proud of myself and I don’t care that I didn’t run the whole time damnit; it’s 5 miles.  In Pittsburgh humidity.  You go and do that in July and report back.  You’ll totally agree with my check-off decision.

Volunteer somewhere.  Yeah, um, I’m a horrible person.  Moving on.

Paint an accent wall at my mom’s house.  I didn’t do that…but I did paint an entire room at my dad’s house.  Legit, yeah?


Author: Angelica Ross

Coffee addict, Post-It aficionado, Sharpie fanatic. I live and work in Pittsburgh, pin lots of recipes I'll never make, and I love the Oxford comma. Sometimes I write about advertising, other times I write about general life happenings; no matter what, I always try to entertain.

2 thoughts on “And now for something a little different

  1. We all makes plans for the summer, do our best to achieve them and then look back at we could’ve done differently
    Sorry to hear that things didn’t work out as planned, but still sounds like an interesting summer to me. Try to enjoy what time you have left and School.

    Once it’s over; it’s just not the same

    • Thanks man. I’m pretty satisfied with the way it turned out. I’m determined to live it up for my final semester though. It’ll never come around again.
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