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Awkward and Awesome: State College Edition

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  • Made it through a kick boxing aerobics class.  This is monumental, especially because my friend and I unsuccessfully tried this last year.  We were dying after 5 minutes.  This year, we rocked it the whole time.
  • Went to Panera for dinner as a reward for living through the workout.  Love the food, hate the prices.
  • Tomorrow is payday from my summer job.  Amen for direct deposit.
  • Actually talking to and hanging out with the people on my floor.  Last year, this place was like a ghost town; this year we were like okay, let’s grow up.



  • My hair today.  Woke up to a thunderstorm; this made the day humid once it decided to stop raining (which was every time I put my umbrella up.  Take my umbrella down and it starts to rain again.  That’s awkward in and of itself…).  My hair + humidity = Jackie O hair-flip.  Works for her…not so much for me.
  • Walking back to our rooms drenched in sweat after kick boxing.  Yes, I’m a girl.  Sorry, I sweat.  Stop staring.
  • I have to pay bills and balance my checkbook tomorrow.  Goodbye money that was direct deposited.



  • The tongue scrubber thing on the back of my toothbrush…can’t decide if this is more awkward or awesome.

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