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I'm just talking to myself. We do that sometimes, me and myself.

Run, Forrest, run

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Welp, tomorrow is my big half-marathon day.  Yes, I am aware of how ridiculous that sounds.

And it’s raining again.  Oh joy.  I’m getting in one of those, “I just want it to be summer vacation forever and I don’t want to have a real job or responsibilities or anything like that” moods.

There’s really no point to reading this post.  Hell, there really wasn’t a point to writing it aside from the fact that I can cross it off my to-do-before-I-torture-myself list.

I hope I remembered to pack my running shoes.


Author: Angelica Ross

Coffee addict, Post-It aficionado, Sharpie fanatic. I live and work in Pittsburgh, pin lots of recipes I'll never make, and I love the Oxford comma. Sometimes I write about advertising, other times I write about general life happenings; no matter what, I always try to entertain.

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