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Messy cuticles


It’s been a while since I did a nail polish post.  I know this won’t do much for my blog stats, but it’ll at least look pretty.  I should probably have called my blog “messy cuticles” instead of “moda vivendi” seeing as how I can paint my nails and they look really good with no clean up from my vantage point but then I take a picture and I’m like ehhh did I really get nail polish all over there?

*Please note that even though I’m linking to the Essie website, it does not mean that I am in any way being compensated for this post.  I just want you to see their description of the colors.  I got my collection at mainly at Ulta but also various salons and a few at work.

Essie "Chocolate Kisses"

Even though this picture is from the summer, it’s one of my favorite colors, especially for fall.  It isn’t just a brown (although “Little Brown Dress” is pretty) and it isn’t a typical dark red but there are red tones in it, so it looks flattering on everyone.

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and China Glaze Broken Hearted

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark is such a good fall color.  It’s not totally black, there are hints of deep purple to give it some depth.  I don’t like pure black polish for the specific reason that it can look really flat and has little interest in it.  I do like how this has almost a dark cherry feel to it.  Essie’s “Velvet Voyeur” is comparable; apparently they’re now calling “Velvet Voyage” on their website.  Lame.

Finally we have one of one of Essie’s Fall 2011 shades worn a few different ways.. In 2 days I bought 3 bottles of polish (two of Essie’s fall colors and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.  I don’t have a problem or anything..)  I wanted to experiment.  My friend, “B,” also has Case Study from the Fall 2011 line, which is a pretty nude; it comes off a little yellowy though.  I just want all of the fall colors.

Essie Smokin' Hot


Essie Smokin' Hot (dark) and Merino Cool (light)


Essie Smokin' Hot (gray) and Very Structured (orange)


Essie Smokin' Hot and OPI Tuquoise Shatter

We have Essie Smokin’ Hot and Very Structured from the Fall 2011 collection.  Smokin’ Hot is a nice, dark neutral gray but it also has purple undertones in non-natural (?) light.  Very Structured looks orange but it also has a pretty brown rust and a bit of red to it.  Very complex, very pretty.  Essie Merino Cool from the Fall 2010 collection is a lighter version of Smokin’ Hot in many ways, but with more purple.  And we have OPI Turquoise Shatter (because I’m not over this trend.)


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