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I'm just talking to myself. We do that sometimes, me and myself.

Awkward and awesome

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  • PENGUINS HOCKEY IS BACK TONIGHT!!!!!!  Crosby is still out, though.  But that’s okay because I legitimately love hockey.  I watch it because I like it, it just doesn’t hurt that Sidney is hottt.
  • Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  Coffee is an accessory.  I carry it everywhere and, more often than not, I end up wearing it too.  Meh.  Awkward and awesome at the same time.


  • My calendar keeps falling off the wall.  I think it heard me talking about it.
  • I had to hunt down something in every calendar because a professor of mine changed a due date.  I’m psychic.  It’s kinda funny because I just wrote about how that’s a problem when you have 50 bazillion calendars.  But really, it isn’t funny.  It’s annoying.

Author: Angelica Ross

Coffee addict, Post-It aficionado, Sharpie fanatic. I live and work in Pittsburgh, pin lots of recipes I'll never make, and I love the Oxford comma. Sometimes I write about advertising, other times I write about general life happenings; no matter what, I always try to entertain.

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