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Melting pot of weirdos

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The strange people were in tip-top shape this weekend here in State College.  It was kicked off by the chick sitting in front of me and B at the football game yesterday.

Let me paint a picture of this girl…  She had her see-thru t-shirt tucked up into her bra, exposing a large tattoo on the lower portion of her ribs and a navel piercing with a long chain of charm-y things (you know the kind of belly button ring thingamajig people wear).  She looked like she had a beer belly at the age of 18 (freshmen these days…) or, as B pointed out, she looked “about 4 months pregnant.”  This is not an exaggeration; I can’t make this shiz up and I’m not trying to be mean.  I am all for female empowerment and confidence but COME ON!  Think sexy, not trashy.  The guys she was with didn’t look much better.  A prime example of like-attracts-like.

Then after the game we went to a bar that I honestly didn’t want to go to.  A review of it online said the kindest things about it: the ceiling looks like it’s going to cave in any second, it smells like I-don’t-know-what, the band plays the same songs every weekend, and the bathrooms are reminiscent of trench warfare.  The entire place is basically a hell-hole.  Why we continue to patronize the place, I’ll never know.  But finally we’ve come to the agreement that “Friends don’t let friends go to Saloon.”

We always attract the questionable people there, too.  Like the guy that asked B to babysit his girlfriend when he went to the bathroom.  He then came back and tried to talk to us.  When B left me alone for a minute, he tried to re-start the conversation by trying to give me a high five.  Uh, no.  I didn’t want to deal with a crazy drunk girlfriend, even though she was getting chummy with a couple who me and B thought were two guys but it turned out to be a guy and a girl.  Oops.  Then there was the guy both of us thought was gay and there with his lover who came over and tried to hit on us.

That’s just the people from this weekend.  I have two other nights of bad trips there.  The reason why you get stinkin’ drunk in that place is to try to dull the shit-tasticness of it.

Yeah, not the place for us anymore.  I refuse.  I have a limited number of Fridays and Saturdays here and I will NOT be subjected to trench warfare any longer.


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