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Quest for glitter

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I have been on a quest for glitter nail polish.  I like doing accent nails in shatter/different colors/glitter (if y’all haven’t figured it out by now…well then I guess you missed my massive nail polish post last week).  Anyway, I wanted medium sized glitter (not super chunky but not fine shimmery glitter) polish in silver or gold.  And I wanted it cheap, like Sally Hansen cheap, since I’m not seriously painting all of my nails in glitter polish.  Not only would that be a little too much, it’s a bitch to get off.

So I went to basically every nail salon in State College (some very nice, some very rude) and the two CVS stores that we have, plus a craft store (I figure I can do a coat of polish and just kinda dust the glitter on top).  And nothing.  I did find the Muppets OPI glitter collection, which is a adorable and I want it all, but the colors are kinda crazy, like purple or green and not a good “neutral” glitter.  And the craft supply store seriously had 3 colors of glitter.  Black, blue, or purple.  Like, really?  You’re a craft supply store.  Maybe I’ll go get the Muppets kind because I really am getting sick of doing a silver shatter accent.

But really, is it that much to ask for a silver glitter polish?  I’m not like Miranda Priestly and reaching for the stars here, at least I don’t think so.  And I never got my cupcake this week.  Time to venture back out into this crap-tastic weather, I guess.


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