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Don’t mind me, just another nail polish post

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Seeing as how I still have nothing to say and how I finally cracked and bought glitter polish on Friday after much hair-pulling (yes, I wanted just regular silver glitter polish, as detailed here), I’ll make yet another post about nail polish.

Fun side note of the day: the pumpkin festival on campus is not a pumpkin festival at all, but a registration for a pumpkin carving contest.  (How many times can I say “pumpkin” in a sentence?  Geez.  Pumpkin.  Moving on…)  We were very disappointed when we found that out after our trip to Sheetz for coffee (because me and my friends are classy like that).  So then me and my friends went downtown and I bought a pretty ring.

Anyway, here’s the polish I bought at Perfect 10 in State College:

OPI Gone Gonzo! and Glow Up Already!

The blue is from the Muppets collection (with a name like Gone Gonzo! how could it not be?) and I don’t know what collection the gold is from but I really like the name.

Essie Very Structured and OPI Gone Gonzo!

Essie Very Structured and OPI Gone Gonzo!

I was going for that “disco ball” look.  I really wanted a very opaque/saturated with glitter look.  I thought the blue was cool, and it does have silver flecks in it, but in retrospect, I think the gold would have looked better.  I’m kind of liking the mismatched accent nails.


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