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Obligatory Halloween Post

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I can feel an incredibly annoying, self-pitying post coming on, so I thought I’d take a minute to acknowledge the costumes I saw this weekend.

  • Gumby and Pokey.  Who didn’t love those cartoons when we were little?
  • Lots of cartoon characters.  Quailman from Doug.  Tons of Marios and Luigis.  Tommy Pickles from Rugrats.  Diaper and all.
  • Cupcakes.  Damn girls stole my costume from last year.
  • Top Guns.  Guys and girls.
  • Troll Dolls.  These girls went all out.  They gelled (or somehow got) their hair straight up and dyed it crazy colors.
  • Katy Perry when she was on SNL with the Elmo shirt.
  • Cowgirls.  Probably the smartest idea..jeans and a plaid shirt and boots.  Did I mention it snowed here this weekend??
  • 70s “adult film” directors, complete with purple leisure suits and white shoes.
  • And the obligatory cats, Little Red Riding Hoods, Cinderellas, etc.

There’s more, but, uh, it didn’t all get documented in my brain properly.


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