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Yesterday I ventured to Target with my friend, B, and as is tradition around this time, I dragged her down the planner aisle.  She commented that she knew it would happen and that it’s hilarious to watch me plan what planner I’m going to get.  As such, I’m positive that she’s 98% expecting this to happen, 1% amused, and 1% totally baffled by my love for stationery and calendars.

I (almost literally) rip through the whole section like Godzilla, tossing planners over my shoulders for the littlest thing that does not meet my criteria.  “This one doesn’t have a pen loop.”  “That one has no pockets for my Post-Its.”  “This one has a weekly layout but I can’t see the whole month at a glance.”  I’m very picky.  Hey, I have a right to be; I’m locked into this for a year!  That’s longer than the typical Hollywood marriage!

This year, I am sorry to report that my beloved planner has been left out in the cold.  It seems as if Target does not carry refills for it anymore.  I think FranklinCovey is out to get me.  It’s like those Stride commercials where a guy runs up to someone chewing gum and bashes him in the stomach with a baseball bat to get Gum Guy to spit out the piece he’s been chewing for a week.  FC is thinking, “A-ha!  Now’s the time to get her to try something new.  Quick, take all the Size 3 Compact refills off the shelf!!”

Secretly, I’ve been wanting a Moleskine planner (they’re so sleek, but please don’t tell my current planner that.  I still have a month to go with it and I’d hate myself if it knew I was having doubts.)  But my trusty pink planner has been with me for years, years I tell you.  It’s my only successful long-term relationship.  I can’t stand the thought of putting it in a drawer and never speaking to it ever again.

Whatever planner I decide to get, I still have a month, and the first thing I’m writing in it is the time and location for my therapy session.  It’s clear that I have an unhealthy attachment to an inanimate object.

Hello, Lovah.





  • Walked into the Ad Lab this morning and another group in my class was blasting Christmas songs.  Before Thanksgiving.  I’m sorry, but that’s just too early.
  • Did I mention those Christmas songs were Justin Bieber Christmas songs??
  • The washers and dryers are all being used and I’m staking out the laundry room as I type this.  Never in 3.5 years have I brought home dirty laundry and I don’t intend to start doing that now.  My question is when did everyone else decide they’re not bringing home dirty laundry?
  • That Snuggie holiday commercial.  Just saw it and almost spit my coffee out.  Google it.


  • I’m going home tomorrow..!
  • This peppermint mocha I’m drinking from Irving’s.  I plan on going to Starbucks tonight and comparing the two.
  • Our professor actually said my group was on the right track on our first try.  That has never happened.  Usually we’re so proud of ourselves and then we show her our work and it’s like someone deflated our balloon.

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The subtext of that text

So much communication occurs through text-based technology.  Text messages, emails, blogs..and there’s way too much subtext within this medium that’s supposed to be “simpler.”

For example, punctuation.  I rarely use punctuation in a text, unless it’s to a parent/relative, or someone in a position of authority.  I’m most careful to insert proper periods and and commas when communicating with my ex-English-teacher aunt.  Just because she’s retired from teaching does not mean she’s retired from editing for proper usage.  There is one exception to my I-don’t-use-periods-unless-I’m-texting-my-family rule, though… and it connotes that I’m not happy.

Let me demonstrate: “Yeah, whatever” typically says, “Sure, that’s cool,” or “I don’t have a particular preference,” especially when used in conjunction with a smiley face and/or something to convey laughter.  However, “Yeah, whatever.” means “Fine, have it your way. You suck.”

There’s also a difference between using “Okay,” and “Sure.”  Okay says…well, it says “okay.”  It’s hard to convey anything other than agreement.  “Sure,” on the other hand could say “okay” or it could say “I don’t really want to, but alright I’ll go along with you,” particularly when used with a period.  “Sure thing,” means “Yep, that’s totally cool.”  Don’t get me started on “fine.”  Whole new game when that comes in.

Of course, there are exceptions.  Anytime you use a smiley and/or something to convey laughter, as in the “yeah, whatever” situation, typically negates any meanness.  If you’re not sure how the person you’re talking to will respond to your choice of words, three little letters will save you a lot of grief: lol.  That’s all you have to put at the end of “Sure” to transform it from, “You’re so self-involved you must always have things your way,” to, “Okay, I’m perfectly accepting of that.”

Don’t you wish you just picked up the phone and called someone instead?

And Dad, if you’re reading this, you’re one of the people with whom I usually use proper punctuation, so disregard all of this information.

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Birthday nails

In the space of two days since I painted my nails, I’ve cracked the corners off my right index finger and thumb.  It’s a good thing that I took pictures right after I painted them.  It’s also a good thing that there’s a pattern on the nails so it isn’t as obvious that there’s a chunk missing.

Essie Mint Candy Apple and OPI Black Shatter

I need a new bottle of the black shatter.  Mine’s all chunky and the shatter isn’t as..shatter-y.

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Set in my ways

I want a new blog layout.  The theme I currently use is “Oulipo” and I like it, but I want something new.  I sat on WordPress for a good hour, clicking the “activate” button and then immediately undoing it.

I’d like to have a dedicated title area, something a little bold, but also very clean and easy to read.  I want my tagline “I’m just talking to myself…” to be displayed near the title of my page because I like it and I think it’s clever.  I don’t want a big chunky header or a picture.  I want the text in the sidebar to actually be readable.  I don’t want a lot of color, but maybe a dash as an accent.  I don’t want clutter, not lots of stuff by the title of the post, but I do want a date to be displayed.  I do want the links I embed in my posts to stand out, i.e. be a different color than the text and not simply underlined.

Maybe I really am getting old and set in my ways.  But really, is a nice, simple, elegant, clean theme too much to ask for?

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Let me tell you about yourself

Lately, people have been really good at trying my patience.  I’m a Scorpio, (or maybe I just take after my mother..either way) I don’t have much patience to begin with.  Don’t make me bust out a ghett0 finger-wave and a “Let me tell you about yourself.”

I was first exposed to this useful phrase courtesy of my father’s significant other.  I think she was talking about someone she works with, but this sentence can be applied to many situations:

  • The waitress who acts like she’s doing you a favor by bringing you another lemon wedge–well there goes your tip
  • The annoying roommate–stop trying to defend yourself and just say “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again”
  • The person in class who’s talking over the professor–oh, pardon me, are we interrupting your time? I’m paying to be here and learn about Milton, not your date last night

It sounds mean, but really, some people need to be told about themselves.  They just don’t realize that they’re acting like a toddler.  Some people need others to act as a mirror and reflect themselves back to them.

So let me tell you about yourself:

You’re loud, you’re obnoxious, you don’t realize when you go too far and offend people with your “jokes,” you can’t take people making jokes to you, you use people, you’re really not that pretty, you’re not fooling anybody, you should stop defending yourself when you know you’re wrong, you might want to try acting your age, you’re not the only person in the universe, you’re being a hypocrite, you might want to try considering other people for once…

I’m sure you thought of a few people when you read that, right?  That’s just an example of a “LMTYAY” rant.  It can go on and on, preferably with a sarcastic and/or mocking tone, specific examples about what they do or what they’re like, and some ghetto-inspiried head-bobs and finger-waves, just to get into the right frame of mind.

Now, don’t you feel better?

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Nail polish Wednesdays

Pardon me for the messy cuticles, as always.  Nail polish I’ve been rocking lately is…..

Essie Limited Addiction (red) and OPI Glow Up Already

I’m loving the glitter accent nail as an all-over glitter, not just a single coat that leaves some sparklies behind.  It is a pain to get off, let me tell you.  I have seen that if you soak a cotton ball/round/square in polish remover, put it over your nail, and wrap it all in foil, the foil holds the remover on your nail without evaporating and after 5 minutes it just slides right off.

OPI Over the Taupe

OPI Over the Taupe

I couldn’t decide which shot I like better, and to be perfectly honest, neither one does this polish justice.  It’s kind of like the Essie polishes I mentioned a while ago that look different in different light.  As pictured, in natural light, the polish looks light taupe-y.  In fluorescent light, depending on how far away and how bright the light source is, it can either look purple-y or a darker tan/brown.  Either way, I love it and it’s a perfect neutral nail color for fall.  I was debating putting my standard glitter nail on, but I didn’t.  I was planning on using OPI Gone Gonzo because I like the contrast of the blue glitter with the more natural polish color.