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For the glory of Old State

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By now, I’m assuming most people that read my blog have figured out that I go to a state school in Pennsylvania (either because you’re my boss and have seen my resume, or a friend here at school.  Either way, y’all know).  And I’m also sure you’ve heard the allegations concerning Penn State (if not, get yo’ head out from under that rock and Google it).  At first, I was extremely disappointed in my soon-to-be alma mater.  I came here because of the reputation of it’s alums and the strong alumni network.  Now, the reputation is rather questionable.

As my friend pointed out earlier today, it’s the athletic department, not the whole school, that’s tarnished, though.  I say that’s not so.  Penn State isn’t known in segments, it’s known as a whole.  It’s like the Butterfly Effect; what one person does to affect the reputation affects the reputation for everyone.  We are all Penn State.  And while I’m still disappointed in the actions of the people that “should know better,” I am sticking up for the good things that Penn State is known for.

We started the largest, student-run philanthropic organization, THON.  We are the number 1 student section in the country.  We are known for working really hard and partying even harder.  The list goes on.

And I, for one, refuse to let the actions of a few men affect the future reputation of this woman.

For The Honor, For The Glory.


Author: Angelica Ross

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