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Nail polish Wednesdays

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Pardon me for the messy cuticles, as always.  Nail polish I’ve been rocking lately is…..

Essie Limited Addiction (red) and OPI Glow Up Already

I’m loving the glitter accent nail as an all-over glitter, not just a single coat that leaves some sparklies behind.  It is a pain to get off, let me tell you.  I have seen that if you soak a cotton ball/round/square in polish remover, put it over your nail, and wrap it all in foil, the foil holds the remover on your nail without evaporating and after 5 minutes it just slides right off.

OPI Over the Taupe

OPI Over the Taupe

I couldn’t decide which shot I like better, and to be perfectly honest, neither one does this polish justice.  It’s kind of like the Essie polishes I mentioned a while ago that look different in different light.  As pictured, in natural light, the polish looks light taupe-y.  In fluorescent light, depending on how far away and how bright the light source is, it can either look purple-y or a darker tan/brown.  Either way, I love it and it’s a perfect neutral nail color for fall.  I was debating putting my standard glitter nail on, but I didn’t.  I was planning on using OPI Gone Gonzo because I like the contrast of the blue glitter with the more natural polish color.


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