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10ish restaurants everyone needs to go to in State College

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Last night, some floormates and I had a discussion about the 10 places that you need to get food from in State College, Pennsylvania, preferably before you graduate.  We chose to list only places off-campus and not to include chain restaurants because you can get Five Guys anywhere (at least you should be able to get it anywhere).  Also, I reserve the right to veto any place on the list and/or add to it.  For example, I forgot to include Saint’s last night.  Good coffee, amazing pastries.  It’s technically a coffee shop, but I mean, they have food.

The one exception to our off-campus rule: The Creamery.  If you’re in a 25 mile radius of campus, it’s worth the drive.  Because this isn’t mass-distributed, they don’t need to adhere to certain regulations, which is why their frozen yogurt tastes like regular ice cream that you get from the store.  I’m also pretty sure that crack is a main ingredient because I don’t know how else it tastes so good, aside from the pure sugar and full-fat milk that goes in it.

In no particular order (because we would have been up until 4am arguing where to place something on the list):

  • Insomnia Cookies: fresh, almost-as-good-as-homemade cookies available at night if you need a sugar rush while you’re studying or walking home from the bars.
  • Canyon Pizza: I personally never have been here but I hear it’s only acceptable before 1pm because then the ingredients are relatively fresh or while you’re drunk because you can’t tell and quite frankly don’t care if the ingredients are fresh.
  • Wings Over Happy Valley AKA Wings Over: best wings you will ever have in your life.  And I’ve had some good wings back in Pittsburgh.  And the fries are good too.
  • Grillerz: Best drunk food ever.  $1 grilled cheese on garlic bread?  Um, sign me up.  Also, all of the lard that’s in there really helps to soak up whatever you ingested during the night.
  • Irving’s: Like Panera, but better.  And their chai tea lattes are amazing.  Even ones made with skim are creamy.  Also, best hangover food ever.  I prefer the breakfast sandwich with cheese, an egg, an everything bagel, and Canadian bacon.
  • DP Dough: Not sure if this is a chain or not, but I’ve never seen another one.  They have a massive list of calzones with every kind of stuffing ingredient you can imagine.  The mac and cheese calzone was my first time and I’ll never forget it.  It’s a carbaholics paradise.  Only problem is that some calzones sound very similar and everything on the menu ends in “-zone” (like “The Parking Zone” and “The Party Zone”) so it’s hard to remember which ones you’ve had.
  • Bradley’s: Again, not sure if it’s a chain but it’s going on the list anyway.  Best cheesesteaks outside of Philly.  Fries are decent too.  They’re huge, though, so definitely bring a friend (or 50) and split one.
  • Green Bowl: All you can eat stir fry.  There’s a huge selection of fruits and veggies and sauces and noodles you can put in your bowl, which is appropriately green.  A little expensive but definitely worth it.
  • The Diner: People have told me they’ve had some really bad experiences here, but I personally like it.  If for no other reason, go here for grilled stickies.  You’ll never want them from Eat ‘n’ Park ever again.
  • Baby’s Burgers and Shakes: I’ve actually never been here but everyone said it was good.  I walk by it almost every day and it looks cute.  It’s set up like a ’50s diner (red vinyl booths anyone?).  I also always see signs for “Milkshake Mondays” but have never gone in.  Need to change that tomorrow.

Also up for contention is The Corner Room (never been) and Herwigs Austrian Bistro (never been but I’m pretty sure one guy would kill me if I didn’t include this one).

Am I missing anything?  And can you tell that I’m a fat kid at heart?


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