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Rockstar parking

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This weekend, I had to go to the Dollar Store to buy legal pads for a presentation for my advertising class tomorrow.  We’re treating our prof as if she’s the “client” and accommodating her as such: legal pad, name placard, bottle of water, choice of blue or black pen..can’tcha tell that the majority of our group is Type A with the pen options.  I didn’t want to spend $4 at the school bookstore on a legal pad (we’re spending a nice chunk of change printing our final project and binding it like a plans book at Staples, so other corners had to be cut), I chose the Dollar Store.  To get to the Dollar Store, however, one needs to drive.

And lucky for me, “He of We” (AKA my father, yes he has his own blog too) allowed me to move my car up here for my last two weeks of school.

Problem is, parking is at a premium around here.  At first when I parked it, I came back from a venture to Best Buy and had to park in the boonies.  Now, I don’t have a problem with walking and I’m grateful to have a car here, so I’m not nit-picky about where it’s parked, but it’s cold and it’s nice to park semi-close, if a space is available.  When B and I came back from a trip to Target/Starbucks (affectionately known as “Starget,” pronounced “Star-jhey”), we found it.  The mother of all parking: Rockstar Parking.

Rockstar Parking, credit to “She of We,” is any parking that is, well, fit for a rockstar.  The space next to the handicap spot at the mall during the Christmas crush?  Rockstar.  Not having to trek the whole way across the parking lot at Sam’s Club?  Not quite rockstar, but depending on the day and time, it could apply.  Sunday morning around 10:30, possible rockstar qualifications.  Double points if a spot was just waiting for you to get there, as opposed to you waiting for someone else to vacate said spot.

And I had this spot.  B and I have a two-year-practiced parking exercise.  The passenger has eyes on a swivel, scouting out all the lanes of Lot 83 while the driver creeps down the center of the lot.  We saw this one immediately to the right when we pulled in.  In fact, we just about jumped out of our skin and at the same time screamed the universal “I found parking!!!” alert, AKA screeching “THERE!!” and bouncing up and down (or as much bouncing as one can do with a seat belt on).

Best part is, when I left said Rockstar spot on Saturday morning to go to the Dollar Store, this spot was waiting for me when I got back.  Waiting for me.  Like my car was meant to be there the whole time.  Bam.


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