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The awkward/awesome post where I only talk about advertising

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  • I was in a computer lab for 11 hours yesterday and we didn’t leave until 1am.  Yes, that’s A. M. I’m willing to bet that it’ll happen again at our group meeting tonight.
  • It rained and then it snowed yesterday.  And while I was wearing boots, it seeped in, so my feet were soaked for a good chunk of the day, including most of the 11 hours in a computer lab.
  • I bought my cap and gown today (finally, oops).  It’s awkward because it’s finally happening.


  • Semester-long group project is finally (finally!!) very near to being entirely written and almost put together.
  • I’m finally learning how to use InDesign (layout softward that I kinda should know how to use if I want to go into copy writing and design) thanks to a very patient group member.  I’m not as tech-savvy as I thought.

And very sad:

  • I had my last after-ad-class lunch with Rachel (AKA: my barista friend) today.  It’s been a Tues/Thurs tradition all semester.  I honestly don’t think I can make ads without her.  We’re at that stage where she says, “Hey, Ange, remember that guy for the one section..” and I know exactly what she means, what day we talked about it, and where in the paper it needs to go, all before she finishes the sentence, so she doesn’t finish the sentence.  I think most of our communicating is done in fragments.

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Coffee addict, Post-It aficionado, Sharpie fanatic. I live and work in Pittsburgh, pin lots of recipes I'll never make, and I love the Oxford comma. Sometimes I write about advertising, other times I write about general life happenings; no matter what, I always try to entertain.

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