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The three types of women you see at the gym

The following is an incomplete and totally biased list of the three types of women one encounters at the gym in the evening.  I have yet to discover the types of women who go to the gym in the morning.  I suspect they’re stay-at-home moms who think they’re the best looking thing since sliced bread but actually are quite scary.

  • The woman who is there checking out the other guys and thinks that she doesn’t really need to try.  She doesn’t sweat.  She doesn’t even pull her hair up out of her face.  What’s more, she usually has her hair straightened  and a hair band would just put a kink in it and ruin her hard work.  Typically, this woman (“girl” would be a more accurate descriptor) wears a tight, stomach-revealing shirt and loose basketball shorts that have been rolled down to maximize the viewing of her stomach.  Occasionally, you’ll see the hint of a hip tattoo or a tramp stamp.  Lastly, she walks like a duck.  You know, she kinda saunters around with her chest and butt pushed out to enhance the view.
  • The woman who made a New Year’s Resolution to lose those last, pesky 15 pounds and/or go to the gym after work every evening.  This woman tries.  She wears baggy shirts and cropped yoga pants.  Her hair is pulled off her face (or, as pulled off as it can get as she typically has an inverted-bob hairstyle) and she has a book with her.  She alternates between reading while walking on the treadmill or watching the TV mounted to the elliptical in front of her.  While I admire her tenacity, her resolve will eventually peter out around mid-February.
  • The woman who wears leggings as pants.  Sometimes, she coincides with the woman who is there checking out the other guys and thinks that she doesn’t really need to try.  The distinction is the fabric her pants are made out of.  If her pants are of the shiny, Under Armour variety, she’s a serious gym-er.  If they’re cotton and therefore true leggings, she’s just pretending.  I digress.  This woman runs at a level 10 on the treadmill and her legs are a blur.  She doesn’t bother with frills, like a TV or an iPod.  She just runs for 100 hours straight.  And she sticks to her routine.  Furthermore, she is not afraid to sweat and she usually is prepared with a towel to mop up after herself.

And then there’s me.  I’m kind of a hybrid.


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I didn’t officially resolve to post every day, though I did tell myself I’d try to post every day.  Clearly, that has gone out the window.  So, in un-resolution cliche-ness, here are some other things I offically won’t do this year:

  • I won’t make some trite resolution, like learning a new word every day.  I will, however, continue to post “Words no one uses.”  Admit it, you’re glad that you learned “ubiquitous.”
  • I won’t give into my Type A tendencies and feel the need to plan and organize and color code everything.  I will, however, continue my love affair with my planner and use it as necessary.  I just won’t obsess quite as much.
  • I won’t make a committment to post once a day for a month in October again and write fluff on the days I don’t fee like writing or have nothing to say.  I will, however, write when I have something useful to contribute to society.
  • I won’t do what I said I’d do above.  If I only wrote when I contributed usefully to society, I’d write once a year.  If that.

But I will be nice to others, volunteer, and help the homeless.  And, let there be world peace.  (Miss Congeniality reference, anyone?)

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Words no one uses: ubiquitous

I was thinking a while ago about words that no one uses, words that come up once in a blue moon.

Like “ubiquitous.”  Merriam Webster tells us that it is an adjective and you pronounce it: \yü-ˈbi-kwə-təs\

It also tells us that it means “existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : widespread.”

Now, talk about irony.  It’s a word that means that it’s fairly prevalent and constantly “out there” yet everyone forgets about this  word.  I was at a New Year’s Eve party last night where the invitation was a red Solo cup.  A college staple (though it was a non-college party).  These cups are everywhere that a party happens to be.  In fact, a red Solo cup is basically the symbol for “party.” That just proves how ubiquitous red Solo cups are, and how synonymous they are for “good drinking times” (though that’s a word for another post).

Poor ubiquitous.  Always there, never remembered.

You learn (remember?) something new every day.