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Five adorable things I need from Etsy

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I have become addicted to Etsy.  Not buying, just window shopping.  I love that it’s (mostly) all handmade products and you can choose to shop and support local artists/crafters/makers of stuff.  So here are the five things that I must have.

Cupcake Pan and Tiny Measuring Spoons on a Sterling Silver Plated Chain necklace
1. It’s cupcakes.  2. It’s mini.  3. It’s a mini cupcake necklace.  I mean, how can you not love this?!  A cupcake pan with measuring spoons on a necklace.  I’m literally out of any words, just one continual “Aww!” squeal of joy.
Find: Penelope’s Porch

iPhone 4/4s case Keep Calm Pac-Man Design
How ridiculously awesome is this?  Geekery at it’s finest.  Or, as Nadia G of “Bitchin’ Kitchen” fame would say, “Okay you newrds, check this out.”
Find: Graphic Pals

Snoopy Mac Decal
More geekery.  More squealing.  How can you not like Snoopy!?  This store also has other Peanuts-related decals and a whole bunch of other newrdy goodness.  Snow White with a hand placement right by the Apple logo so it looks like she’s holding it?  I’m all in.
Find: Sunny Luo

Set of 4 Get Together Periodically Cards
For the science newrd in your life.  I don’t know about you, but if I got this in the mail from someone, I’d meet them for lunch.  Forget Facebook; this is the perfect way to re-friend someone you lost touch with.
Find: Macey Mac Design & Illustration

Pistachio Knit Bolero/Scarf
The color is perfect for spring, and it’s practical for chilly mornings/nights.  This person’s store has many different pictures and colors but this one just spoke to me.  I love how versatile the wrap is.  Pricey (and from Turkey, so there goes my buying local thing) but very nice.
Find: Denizgunes

And I can’t talk about Etsy without plugging a Pittsburgh collective shop, I Heart Pgh!  All I’m saying is that I hope that when I get my Etsy site up and running (don’t think I forgot about my button bracelets) I hope IHP will hook a gal up.  Plus, I love the people they follow as part of their collective.  So cute and hip and perfectly kitsch.


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One thought on “Five adorable things I need from Etsy

  1. These are so pretty! I love that snoopy decal!

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