moda vivendi

I'm just talking to myself. We do that sometimes, me and myself.


I’ve always been interested in writing and crafting something out of nothing. This led me to a career in writing and advertising; I work as a digital advertising consultant specializing in content creation and social media advertising. I love seeing someone enjoy my work, but also helping someone else achieve something great, too.

Do you need help with your content creation or your Google AdWords campaign?  I’d love to talk about how I can do for you!  How about we meet for coffee? What, you don’t drink coffee..?!  That’s okay, I’ll forgive you.  Let’s still talk.

*All pictures are taken my me unless otherwise noted.  I am not compensated in any way for any products mentioned/pictured.*


One thought on “About

  1. Haha, well thanks a ton!! That really means a lot 😀 Keep at it! I’d be down to hear some of that snark 😛

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