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18 things I want

I was inspired by this gem I found on Thought Catalog while at work browsing the internet the other day and knew I’d have to steal the idea.  So, I give you The List.  (Some of these are my own creation, others I liked so much from TC that I borrowed them, as noted with a *).

  1. Unlimited coffee*
  2. A dog that is exactly like Snoopy, who turns into Joe Cool and a Flying Ace, but then also who tells me about it, not just communicates with his bird-friend in thought bubbles and dashes.
  3. A 60s-inspired mod dress in the style of Suzy Bishop in “Moonrise Kingdom,” as it will make Halloween a lot less stressful once I know I have the right outfit.
  4. A Shazam app for smells*
  5. A white duck named Bob.
  6. Season tickets for the Pens.  Or partial season tickets.  Or just going to a few games this season.  Y’all know how excited I get, even if it’s just preseason.
  7. To feel like it’s okay to skip a workout and not have my body rebel against me.
  8. A job that I like.  Preferably a career that I like.  Shouldn’t we have the right to say, “This is what I want my life to be like, and I don’t want to be hiding under the covers every morning a la Bridget Jones, panicked and chain-smoking because it’s Monday and the work-day is approaching.”
  9. A partner.  Not someone who is better than me (so that I’m always trying to impress them) or worse than me (so I get complacent and think that they’ll never leave), but an equal.
  10. Ctrl + F (or Command + F because I’m a Mac nerd now) for my car keys*
  11. An arsenal of high heeled shoes that are cute AND comfy.  (Michael Kors knows his stuff, though, so this is on the way to being checked off.)
  12. Unlimited access to any book, any time.  (Like a nook, but for those days when I leave mine at home.)
  13. A TV crew to follow me around for a day.  Andy Warhol said that everyone should get their 15 minutes.
  14. To see friends who don’t leave near to me on a regular basis.  Same for family.
  15. Access to a beach.  Can we just blow up Jersey already?
  16. A back-up camera for those times when I’m stubborn and think I can carry everything into the house in one trip.  “Did I drop something important or just a water bottle?”
  17. Wine juice boxes.  Wait, they already have this one.
  18. To go back in time and meet Lucille Ball and Julia Child and all those other amazing women.
  19. World peace??*


I need a dollar

Actually, I need a lot of dollars.  And to get them, I need a full-time job.  Note: I don’t want to leave where I currently work.  It really isn’t as bad as this blog makes it seem and the people are wonderful.  The problem lies in the fact that I have two degrees and neither says I’m qualified only to be a receptionist.

So here’s what I have to offer:

  • I can answer phones and file and fax and color code.  Usually with a smile, might I add.
  • I can set up and update social media stuff.  I do it a lot for my own purposes, why not get paid for it!  Bonus: I know how to use hashtags (ie: on Twitter only, not to use them on Facebook)
  • I’m a good writer.  I can write clever things.  I can write clever copy for your ads.
  • I drink coffee.  Essential for those long nights of writing clever copy.
  • I can work independently.  I can work in a group.  I’m a chameleon.
  • I have a professional wardrobe so I’m good to go at a moment’s notice of being hired.  And I don’t mind wearing heels all day.
  • I can recall ads from years ago.  Typically ones that were really good or really bad, so I know what to do or what to avoid.
  • I bake.  Cookies with our late night coffee and brainstorming, anyone?

I know what you’re thinking..  No one lists those qualities on job boards under the “qualifications” heading.  But they should!  Anyone can have “proficiency with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign” (which I do, in case you’re wondering), but it’s also important to be an exciting employee and co-worker.  No one wants to work with Marty McDull-Pants even if he is a photo-editing genius.  So I can do all of the professional, typical requirements and have a little fun on the side.  And provide cookies (and pie)!  Who wouldn’t want to work with someone like that?

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I didn’t officially resolve to post every day, though I did tell myself I’d try to post every day.  Clearly, that has gone out the window.  So, in un-resolution cliche-ness, here are some other things I offically won’t do this year:

  • I won’t make some trite resolution, like learning a new word every day.  I will, however, continue to post “Words no one uses.”  Admit it, you’re glad that you learned “ubiquitous.”
  • I won’t give into my Type A tendencies and feel the need to plan and organize and color code everything.  I will, however, continue my love affair with my planner and use it as necessary.  I just won’t obsess quite as much.
  • I won’t make a committment to post once a day for a month in October again and write fluff on the days I don’t fee like writing or have nothing to say.  I will, however, write when I have something useful to contribute to society.
  • I won’t do what I said I’d do above.  If I only wrote when I contributed usefully to society, I’d write once a year.  If that.

But I will be nice to others, volunteer, and help the homeless.  And, let there be world peace.  (Miss Congeniality reference, anyone?)

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10ish restaurants everyone needs to go to in State College

Last night, some floormates and I had a discussion about the 10 places that you need to get food from in State College, Pennsylvania, preferably before you graduate.  We chose to list only places off-campus and not to include chain restaurants because you can get Five Guys anywhere (at least you should be able to get it anywhere).  Also, I reserve the right to veto any place on the list and/or add to it.  For example, I forgot to include Saint’s last night.  Good coffee, amazing pastries.  It’s technically a coffee shop, but I mean, they have food.

The one exception to our off-campus rule: The Creamery.  If you’re in a 25 mile radius of campus, it’s worth the drive.  Because this isn’t mass-distributed, they don’t need to adhere to certain regulations, which is why their frozen yogurt tastes like regular ice cream that you get from the store.  I’m also pretty sure that crack is a main ingredient because I don’t know how else it tastes so good, aside from the pure sugar and full-fat milk that goes in it.

In no particular order (because we would have been up until 4am arguing where to place something on the list):

  • Insomnia Cookies: fresh, almost-as-good-as-homemade cookies available at night if you need a sugar rush while you’re studying or walking home from the bars.
  • Canyon Pizza: I personally never have been here but I hear it’s only acceptable before 1pm because then the ingredients are relatively fresh or while you’re drunk because you can’t tell and quite frankly don’t care if the ingredients are fresh.
  • Wings Over Happy Valley AKA Wings Over: best wings you will ever have in your life.  And I’ve had some good wings back in Pittsburgh.  And the fries are good too.
  • Grillerz: Best drunk food ever.  $1 grilled cheese on garlic bread?  Um, sign me up.  Also, all of the lard that’s in there really helps to soak up whatever you ingested during the night.
  • Irving’s: Like Panera, but better.  And their chai tea lattes are amazing.  Even ones made with skim are creamy.  Also, best hangover food ever.  I prefer the breakfast sandwich with cheese, an egg, an everything bagel, and Canadian bacon.
  • DP Dough: Not sure if this is a chain or not, but I’ve never seen another one.  They have a massive list of calzones with every kind of stuffing ingredient you can imagine.  The mac and cheese calzone was my first time and I’ll never forget it.  It’s a carbaholics paradise.  Only problem is that some calzones sound very similar and everything on the menu ends in “-zone” (like “The Parking Zone” and “The Party Zone”) so it’s hard to remember which ones you’ve had.
  • Bradley’s: Again, not sure if it’s a chain but it’s going on the list anyway.  Best cheesesteaks outside of Philly.  Fries are decent too.  They’re huge, though, so definitely bring a friend (or 50) and split one.
  • Green Bowl: All you can eat stir fry.  There’s a huge selection of fruits and veggies and sauces and noodles you can put in your bowl, which is appropriately green.  A little expensive but definitely worth it.
  • The Diner: People have told me they’ve had some really bad experiences here, but I personally like it.  If for no other reason, go here for grilled stickies.  You’ll never want them from Eat ‘n’ Park ever again.
  • Baby’s Burgers and Shakes: I’ve actually never been here but everyone said it was good.  I walk by it almost every day and it looks cute.  It’s set up like a ’50s diner (red vinyl booths anyone?).  I also always see signs for “Milkshake Mondays” but have never gone in.  Need to change that tomorrow.

Also up for contention is The Corner Room (never been) and Herwigs Austrian Bistro (never been but I’m pretty sure one guy would kill me if I didn’t include this one).

Am I missing anything?  And can you tell that I’m a fat kid at heart?

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Things I will never own….

A succinct and incomplete list:

  • A minivan: even if Porsche designers have a brain aneurysm and suddenly come out with one, I will not own it.
  • Real Uggs: my fake ones are just as warm and comfy.  No need to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes that aren’t Manolos.
  • A sushi maker: too much hassle for something I don’t care for that much.  Though we did give my aunt one for her birthday this year and it does look cool…
  • One of those rat-dogs: if I wanted a rodent, I’d get another dwarf hamster.
  • A book written by Paris Hilton, the Kardashian sisters, or Snookie: isn’t the fact that they are published authors an indictment against the institution enough as it is?  No need to encourage them.
  • A Lindsay Lohan CD: oh…wait.  It was a long time ago.  And I borrowed it from a friend, I didn’t even buy it!

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iPhone apps for dummies…literally

So I’m sitting on the couch watching TV with some floor-mates and one guy is looking up iPhone apps.  There is an app for anything…and I gotta ask, WHY?!?  Just because it can be thought of (and translated into phone-language) doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to make it.

Some highlights, in no particular order of stupidity:

  • Milk app–you can pour milk into your glass (the screen of the phone), refill it, shake the phone and make whipped cream, whatever you can virtually think to do with milk.  For $3, if you’re so inclined.
  • Milk a cow app–this one is self explanatory.  I hope.
  • Virtual food apps–we found too many of these to have a comprehensive list.  Virtual toast.  Virtual breakfast.  Virtual burgers.  Virtual Hot dogs, cookies, cakes, popcorn, beer, you name it, just press the screen and you can “eat” it.  Obviously, these apps are made for those who are too lazy to get up and make real food.
  • Justin Bieber hair–you can pick a Justin hair style and put it on your pictures.  There are some girls that look good in his hair, actually.  I, for one, am shocked.
  • Clouds–marketed to those who would like to take a break in the middle of a stressful day and look at clouds.  On your phone.  Clearly also for those who have a virtual food app.
  • Virtual pet app–we found horses and puppies so far.  Good practice runs for those who aren’t sure if a horse is the right commitment for them?
  • Fire fingers–virtually set your fingers on fire.  Um.

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Obligatory Halloween Post

I can feel an incredibly annoying, self-pitying post coming on, so I thought I’d take a minute to acknowledge the costumes I saw this weekend.

  • Gumby and Pokey.  Who didn’t love those cartoons when we were little?
  • Lots of cartoon characters.  Quailman from Doug.  Tons of Marios and Luigis.  Tommy Pickles from Rugrats.  Diaper and all.
  • Cupcakes.  Damn girls stole my costume from last year.
  • Top Guns.  Guys and girls.
  • Troll Dolls.  These girls went all out.  They gelled (or somehow got) their hair straight up and dyed it crazy colors.
  • Katy Perry when she was on SNL with the Elmo shirt.
  • Cowgirls.  Probably the smartest idea..jeans and a plaid shirt and boots.  Did I mention it snowed here this weekend??
  • 70s “adult film” directors, complete with purple leisure suits and white shoes.
  • And the obligatory cats, Little Red Riding Hoods, Cinderellas, etc.

There’s more, but, uh, it didn’t all get documented in my brain properly.