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Five Things: My Social Media Marketing Essentials

This week’s Five Things, I bring you my five social media marketing essentials that I can’t live without.  I’m sure you already use them, but if you don’t, look into it (or ask me to do it for you!)  This is by no means a complete list of every tool I use, just the ones I use daily.

1. TweetDeck – Oh how I love TweetDeck.  It is my go-to dashboard for Twitter.  It’s a seamless extension of the Twitter site.  Want to know every time someone checks into your business through Yelp?  Type in the keyword search “[your business] yelp” and it’ll automatically populate a list for you.  Tracking a hashtag campaign?  Type it in.  Yes, HootSuite offers this as well, along with their own great offerings like built-in analytics, but I prefer TweetDeck to manage multiple Twitter accounts for it’s ease-of-use and clean styling.

HootSuite2. HootSuite – Of course, HootSuite made it on this list.  As I mentioned, HootSuite does offer their own analytic reports for use about every social channel they support (we’re talking all the big players here), integration with Google Analytics, URL click stats, and the ability to make custom reports from their data.  While that’s all mighty fine and dandy, tend not to use HootSuite for tracking but for managing channels, like the five Facebook pages I work with every day.  Any more than that, though, and you’ll have to get a paid account.

3. – A clean follower list is a happy follower list.  You can get that with  A basic (aka free) plan will be sufficient; upgrading to pro is just more of a good thing. allows you to see who has engaged with you the most, whom you need to respond to, and suggests who you should follow and/or unfollow based on recent interactions.  On the basic account, you can also track up to three keywords, similar to TweetDeck’s search function, but shows you “top influencers,” or people who use those keywords the most.  It will also suggest that you engage with a particular user based on their use of/relation to your keywords.  It’s a fascinating tool and I’m only scratching the surface.

4. Google Analytics – Yep, Google Analytics is making an appearance on here.  From learning which page your customers are Google Analyticslanding on to creating custom dashboards brimming with just about any metric you’d want to look at, this program will you just about anything you’d like to know about your website traffic.  I’m a particular fan of Visitors Flow.  It tells you on which page people begin, where they go from there, if they drop off, and the percent of each.  As well, you can filter which segment you want to analyze.  Want to know where people go after they come to your site from Facebook?  Segment for “Social.”  Not sure if you keywords are performing?  Boom, set for keywords.  Again, I’m only scratching the surface.

5. / Delivr I use bitly to shorten and track websites that I share with social channels.  I use Delivr to create QR codes (are QR codes over? Yeah, probably, but some people still like to use them for convenience).  Both will show you how many clicks you get, when, and where.  Bitly will tell you who else shared a bitly link to that content.  It will also show you clicks on that link versus clicks on your other links; this is helpful if you’re testing click rates.

Honorable mention to Twimbow because it’s cool.  It’ll organize your Twitter account based on color.  One color for DMs, one color for mentions, etc.

So that’s my short list of things I “reach for” (“click for”?) every day.  What can’t you live without?


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iPhone apps for dummies…literally

So I’m sitting on the couch watching TV with some floor-mates and one guy is looking up iPhone apps.  There is an app for anything…and I gotta ask, WHY?!?  Just because it can be thought of (and translated into phone-language) doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to make it.

Some highlights, in no particular order of stupidity:

  • Milk app–you can pour milk into your glass (the screen of the phone), refill it, shake the phone and make whipped cream, whatever you can virtually think to do with milk.  For $3, if you’re so inclined.
  • Milk a cow app–this one is self explanatory.  I hope.
  • Virtual food apps–we found too many of these to have a comprehensive list.  Virtual toast.  Virtual breakfast.  Virtual burgers.  Virtual Hot dogs, cookies, cakes, popcorn, beer, you name it, just press the screen and you can “eat” it.  Obviously, these apps are made for those who are too lazy to get up and make real food.
  • Justin Bieber hair–you can pick a Justin hair style and put it on your pictures.  There are some girls that look good in his hair, actually.  I, for one, am shocked.
  • Clouds–marketed to those who would like to take a break in the middle of a stressful day and look at clouds.  On your phone.  Clearly also for those who have a virtual food app.
  • Virtual pet app–we found horses and puppies so far.  Good practice runs for those who aren’t sure if a horse is the right commitment for them?
  • Fire fingers–virtually set your fingers on fire.  Um.