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Peter Pan Phenomenon

I don’t want to grow up.  Wait, don’t close the page!  Hear me out!

I’m not saying that in a Peter Pan way (well maybe that’s partly it).   I’m saying that in a state-of-mind kind of way.  I heard a while ago, and keep hearing now, that in order to be creative, you can’t lose your wonder of the world.  I feel like that’s especially true for people in creative fields, be it writing, advertising, designing, or even landscaping.  In my probably-very-biStarased opinion, there are too many people who are rigid, unforgiving, and unyielding.  That harshness turns into skepticism and eventually cynicism.  Once you hit that point, well, forget it.  Try as you might to be good at what you do, the magic is gone.  You’re stale.

True, you have experiences that you can’t “un-experience” that shape who you are as an adult.  I’m not saying to forget those experiences because that is what makes you you.  But if you hold on to that little bit of wonder, remind yourself that there are silver linings to every cloud, great things will happen.  Creativity will flow and you’ll be able to keep your sense of child-like enthusiasm.

Sometimes I feel like there are so many people my age who are leaps and bounds ahead of me.  I feel like there’s the expectation for me to be an over-achiever and head-and-shoulders above everyone else yet I’m just average.  I drive to an average office in an average car, sit in an average cubicle with an average computer, have average coworkers whom I averagely get the idea.  It’s hard to do great work when it feels like there’s something or someone keeping you down.  Don’t become complacent and a “boring adult” – hold on to that bit of wonder that makes you try harder, believe more, desire something better.