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Five things I love about Lucy

Today is Lucille Ball’s birthday.  I’ve always admired her.  I think her red hair reminded me of my grandmother and since I was little, the two women were inextricably linked in my mind.  One summer, I spent a good portion of my time reading books about her, researching her, and putting together a presentation and speech to deliver to inform others about her (it was for a class, I wasn’t just preaching to people on the sidewalk!)  To say I’ve become familiar with her work is an understatement.  In honor of Lucy, here are five things I love about (and learned from) Lucy.

  1. She knew what hard work and motivation would do.  Lucille Ball started out as a model, worked on Broadway (under a pseudonym), and then “Queen of the Bs” as a B-List contract actress.  From there, she worked her way up to having an integral role in creating I Love Lucy (and a handful of other shows later).  That was a time when women just didn’t do that.  They didn’t sit in business meetings and negotiate contracts, but she did.  Further, after her divorce from Desi Arnaz, she bought out his share of Desilu and worked as a very active studio head.  Lucy knew what her purpose was, what she wanted to do in life, and she followed her ambition to make herself the icon she is today.  Know that you are capable of making your dreams happen, as long as you’re willing to work for it.
  2. She made a fool of herself when women were just supposed to “look pretty.”  Lucy wasn’t afraid to go the distance to get a laugh, whether it was falling, making faces, or attaching bulbous noses to her normal one.  First woman to really portray pregnancy and having a baby on a sitcom?  That would be Lucy.  Beating a dead horse from above, she wasn’t afraid to do what needed to be done; neither should we.  It’s more acceptable today for women to be funny (or CEOs or engineers) than it was in the past, but there’s still that barrier between men and women.  Adopt her fearlessness and do what you need to do to get the job done.
  3. She cared about other people.  When Lucy was younger, she cared for her stepfather’s parents (and her own brother).  When she later moved to Hollywood, her family came too.  She took care of them and helped to provide for them.  Even after her divorce, she and Desi remained close.  This is what you do for family and people you care about.  Never lose that compassion.
  4. She was afraid of birds.  Lucy said that she remembers little from the day of her father’s funeral when she was a young girl, but she did recall a bird getting trapped in the house.  Since then, she was afraid of birds.  She even went as far as removing wallpaper with pictures of birds that she just had hung (not realizing when she purchased the paper that birds were pictured).  We all have those irrational fears; it’s perfectly acceptable to give in to one (just not all of them, because then you’re just a nutcase).
  5. She left a legacy.  I can only hope to be so memorable one day.


Awkward and awesome Thursdaaaaay (Oprah voice)


  • I was walking up a hill behind a girl who forgot to put on pants today.  Really.  Ladies, leggings are not acceptable pants, even if your leggings are made to look like jeans.  But if you insist on wearing leggings-as-pants, wear a shirt that covers your…stuff.
  • The dude in the HUB next to me today complaining it was too hot inside.  Direct quote: The problem with the cold weather is that Penn State cranks the head up.  Um, excuse me sir, do we go to the same school?? It’s freezing!  Venture into the Ad Lab if you don’t believe me.  Freezing!
  • I feel as if I’m slowly losing my mind.  If I don’t write something down, it’s lost forever.  And I can assure you that I have a brilliant idea for my ad class but the second I say it out loud, I can’t recall it for someone to write it down.  Senioritis much?
  • The word “senioritis.”  I mean, really it means “the inflammation of seniors,” right?  Imagine if all of the seniors at Penn State slowly started swelling until they exploded.  Wait..I’m pretty sure that we will explode before graduation rolls around anyway.  Carry on.


  • It’s Thursday.  This week is almost over.  Almost.  There.
  • I’m writing this on my new baby, my MacBook.  I looooove it.  Almost as much as my planner, which is saying a lot.
  • I just finished my final paper for one of my English classes.  See..almost there.

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Yesterday I ventured to Target with my friend, B, and as is tradition around this time, I dragged her down the planner aisle.  She commented that she knew it would happen and that it’s hilarious to watch me plan what planner I’m going to get.  As such, I’m positive that she’s 98% expecting this to happen, 1% amused, and 1% totally baffled by my love for stationery and calendars.

I (almost literally) rip through the whole section like Godzilla, tossing planners over my shoulders for the littlest thing that does not meet my criteria.  “This one doesn’t have a pen loop.”  “That one has no pockets for my Post-Its.”  “This one has a weekly layout but I can’t see the whole month at a glance.”  I’m very picky.  Hey, I have a right to be; I’m locked into this for a year!  That’s longer than the typical Hollywood marriage!

This year, I am sorry to report that my beloved planner has been left out in the cold.  It seems as if Target does not carry refills for it anymore.  I think FranklinCovey is out to get me.  It’s like those Stride commercials where a guy runs up to someone chewing gum and bashes him in the stomach with a baseball bat to get Gum Guy to spit out the piece he’s been chewing for a week.  FC is thinking, “A-ha!  Now’s the time to get her to try something new.  Quick, take all the Size 3 Compact refills off the shelf!!”

Secretly, I’ve been wanting a Moleskine planner (they’re so sleek, but please don’t tell my current planner that.  I still have a month to go with it and I’d hate myself if it knew I was having doubts.)  But my trusty pink planner has been with me for years, years I tell you.  It’s my only successful long-term relationship.  I can’t stand the thought of putting it in a drawer and never speaking to it ever again.

Whatever planner I decide to get, I still have a month, and the first thing I’m writing in it is the time and location for my therapy session.  It’s clear that I have an unhealthy attachment to an inanimate object.

Hello, Lovah.

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Nail polish Wednesdays

Pardon me for the messy cuticles, as always.  Nail polish I’ve been rocking lately is…..

Essie Limited Addiction (red) and OPI Glow Up Already

I’m loving the glitter accent nail as an all-over glitter, not just a single coat that leaves some sparklies behind.  It is a pain to get off, let me tell you.  I have seen that if you soak a cotton ball/round/square in polish remover, put it over your nail, and wrap it all in foil, the foil holds the remover on your nail without evaporating and after 5 minutes it just slides right off.

OPI Over the Taupe

OPI Over the Taupe

I couldn’t decide which shot I like better, and to be perfectly honest, neither one does this polish justice.  It’s kind of like the Essie polishes I mentioned a while ago that look different in different light.  As pictured, in natural light, the polish looks light taupe-y.  In fluorescent light, depending on how far away and how bright the light source is, it can either look purple-y or a darker tan/brown.  Either way, I love it and it’s a perfect neutral nail color for fall.  I was debating putting my standard glitter nail on, but I didn’t.  I was planning on using OPI Gone Gonzo because I like the contrast of the blue glitter with the more natural polish color.

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I almost forgot Awkward/Awesome Thursday


  • I almost forgot today was Thursday.  It’s been *that* kind of week.
  • Exam today for my advertising class..meh.
  • Drama on my floor…it’s tense up in here.  For real.


  • I got a cupcake from *ndulgehere in State College called the Cookie Dough-Re-Me.   It’s a chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake.  Win.  I’d almost rather have cupcakes and ice cream than alcohol.  *Almost*

    *ndulge Cookie Dough-Re-Me cupcake

  • Also got a new bracelet today.  It’s a Chan Luuknock off but still very pretty and sparkly.  I’m going back to get a real Chan Luu for a birthday present for myself.  15% off at that store ends on my bday.  It’s a sign.

    "Faux" Chan Luu

  • My Sephora order came today.  I placed it Tuesday night around 8pm.  Speedy.  Bravo, Sephora, bravo.

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I’d like to date a royal please

Haha, made you look.  I still have nothing to say, so here’s my fresh new manicure, which I will probably ding up in a minute.  I really hope I get some motivation to write something interesting soon; my blog stats are in the toilet.

OPI Dating a Royal (blue) and Gone Gonzo! (glitter)

But it’s true, I’d love to date a royal and have anything I needed at the drop of the hat.  I realize, however, that it’s probably never gonna happen.  Instead, I’m going to get a job and an apartment and so what if I don’t have cable for a few months because I can’t afford it?  I’ll have my own place on my own terms that I was responsible for.  If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s people that whine and complain but never do anything to change what they’re whining and complaining about.  No one will be responsible for you but you.  If you’re not going to make a change, no one’s gonna do it for you.

I can still hold out hope for Sidney Crosby, though!

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Don’t mind me, just another nail polish post

Seeing as how I still have nothing to say and how I finally cracked and bought glitter polish on Friday after much hair-pulling (yes, I wanted just regular silver glitter polish, as detailed here), I’ll make yet another post about nail polish.

Fun side note of the day: the pumpkin festival on campus is not a pumpkin festival at all, but a registration for a pumpkin carving contest.  (How many times can I say “pumpkin” in a sentence?  Geez.  Pumpkin.  Moving on…)  We were very disappointed when we found that out after our trip to Sheetz for coffee (because me and my friends are classy like that).  So then me and my friends went downtown and I bought a pretty ring.

Anyway, here’s the polish I bought at Perfect 10 in State College:

OPI Gone Gonzo! and Glow Up Already!

The blue is from the Muppets collection (with a name like Gone Gonzo! how could it not be?) and I don’t know what collection the gold is from but I really like the name.

Essie Very Structured and OPI Gone Gonzo!

Essie Very Structured and OPI Gone Gonzo!

I was going for that “disco ball” look.  I really wanted a very opaque/saturated with glitter look.  I thought the blue was cool, and it does have silver flecks in it, but in retrospect, I think the gold would have looked better.  I’m kind of liking the mismatched accent nails.